Dance fundraiser pulls in over $500

Dancers follow the beat during a Zumba fundraiser for Genesis House at Bella's Castle on July 18, 2018. (LAUREN MACGILL, Morden Times)

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Despite a high of 31 on July 18, a dedicated group showed up to Bella’s Castle in Morden to dance and raise funds for a local organization.

Four local Zumba instructors came together with Bella’s Castle to put on a Zumba Fundraiser for Genesis House.

Instructor Carie Wiebe said she and the other instructors were approached by Bella’s Castle owner Lily Krushel. “It wasn’t hard to decide to come,” she said. “We love doing events like this, and we love doing it for a wonderful cause.”

Wiebe, along with other instructors Tanya Gerbrandt, Olga Kushcheva and Christine Froese, teamed up to lead the dances. The four lead their own Zumba classes around the region, including in Morden, Miami, Carman and Winkler.

Wiebe said it has been about two years since the four have come together for an event. “Zumba has a really strong community aspect,” Wiebe said. “This is an opportunity for us all to be together and to participate in the Zumba event together, which is something that we haven’t come together to do in one event in a very long time.”

Wiebe said she and the other instructors jumped at the chance to support Genesis House. “Genesis House has had a strong community presence for quite a long time,” Wiebe said. “We know Genesis House is such a wonderful organization. It wasn’t hard to decide to bring our funds to Genesis House.”

Dancers grooved to the music for two hours with a break in the middle to keep hydrated. The event raised over $500 for Genesis House. “I think it brings a lot of people together in a really fun atmosphere,” Wiebe said. “They call it a ‘dance party’ in a fitness aspect. Other fundraisers bring a lot of great people together too but there’s something about Zumba that draws people in a different way.”

Bella’s Castle organized the event and donated space, labour and costs to make the event a success. Krushel said she hopes to make this an annual event, and will plan a date next June so the weather won’t be as hot.

Bella’s Castle owner Lily Krushel, along with Zumba instructors Carie Wiebe and Tanya Gerbrandt, present Genesis House executive director Angela Braun (second from left) with the money they raised from their Zumba Fundraiser on July 18, 2018.