Wrapping up the 4-H year

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• April 27 – Hayley Enns represented Red River Area at the provincial communications event presenting her senior speech.
• On April 29, Morden Achievers held their 37th Achievement Night. 31 members displayed their projects and received medals for completion. We had nine first year members, three second year members, seven third year members and one fourth year member. Cassidy Marsolais received her five year certificate and seals were handed out to:
6 years – Nevaeh Lewick, Ethan Dyck, and Felicity Dueck
7 years – Jeff Morgan
8 years – Matthew Elliott, Hayley Enns
9 years – Meghan Sandercock, Logan Dyck
10 years – Sydney Bisschop
13 years – Katelyn Dyck
Thirteen members got 100 per cent attendance and six only missed one meeting.
Leader Janelle Chawrun presented the babysitters with their certificates: Cassidy Marsolais, Fallon Waddell and Paboda Wickramananda.
This year we had 13 leaders. Thank you to you all.
2nd year: David Friesen and Cathy Rouire.
3rd year: Mandy Lewick and Janelle Chawrun
4th year: Theresa Dueck
Receiving seals were:
6 year leader: Bev Enns
7 year leaders: Ruth and Steve Morgan
9 year leader: Cathy Sandercock
10 year leader: Judy Elliott received her certificate
12 year leader: Lisa Dyck
18 year leader: Val White
37 year leader: Norma Wood (head leader)
Thank you also to our achievement judges Val White, Sharon Deceunick, Brenda Morrow and Norma Wood.
• The first week of May saw Sydney Bisschop go on the 4-H Ottawa trip she was chosen for. She had a lot of fun.
• May 8 – Some of our members/leaders helped with the food drive held in Morden.
• May 25 we had our 4-H Highway Clean-up campaign. Cleaning Highway 432 South, 28 people picked up 38 bags of garbage this year. Following our clean-up we had our club wind-up at the lake picnic shelter.
We are again looking forward to being in the Corn and Apple parade and selling corn and cider at the booth during the festival.
Registration for next year will be held in early September. Members 8-25 are welcome to join.