Spend A Day in the Trenches

Bruce Tascona picutred at A Day in the Trenches in 2017. (FILE PHOTO)

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The Manitoba World War I museum will host their fifth annual “Day in the Trenches” on Sunday, Aug. 12 from 1-4 p.m.
Come and experience 100 years of history brought to life featuring all aspects of a soldier’s life in the trenches during World War I.
Uniformed presenters representing both the Canadian and German armies will explain the living conditions, drills, communications, trench warfare and difficulties faced daily by all the soldiers so far away from home.
Walk the trenches and learn about sniper fire, gas attacks and mortars. Visit the trench headquarters and see the communication equipment and how stores were kept.
Informative exhibits will round out the presentation and a tour of the Manitoba World War I Museum will show actual artefacts collected from around the world.
This event will take place on the grounds of the Manitoba World Ward I Museum three miles west of La Riviere on Hwy. 3 and one mile north on Rd. 58 West. GPS coordinates are 49 14 SN 98 59W.