Six-year-olds host Katie Cares fundraiser

Oscar Mbabazi and Creston Warkentin presented $215.70 to Ruth Reimer of Katie Cares. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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A pair of Morden six-year-olds hosted a special fundraiser with a goal of donating the funds raised to Katie Cares.
Oscar Mbabazi and Creston Warkentin sold coffee, muffins, water and juice to those in line at the Swim With Finn Swimming Registration, raising $215.70. They also collected items on Katie’s Cottage wishlist.
Creston’s mother, Jacqui Warkentin, said the idea actually came up last year while in line to sign up for the private lessons offered in Morden.
“Usually for the registration people are lining up hours ahead of time,” she said, adding she and Oscar’s mom, Kristen Mbabazi thought it would be nice to have a coffee and muffin.
The idea was put to their children and it was embraced.
“They decided they wanted to sell coffee and muffins, water and juice and whatever money they raised, they wanted to donate to Katie Cares,” Warkentin said.
She added Katie Cares was an organization both boys were aware of.
“They both right away knew Katie Cares was where they wanted to go, so then we ended up contacting Ruth Reimer and she gave the kids a tour,” she said.
The boys also wrote a letter to Giant Tiger and accepted donations and supplies. West Side Church also donated to the cause.
The boys did the hard work as well, including baking, signage, set up, take down and counting the money. “As much as six-year-olds can be involved, they were involved,” Warkentin said. “They had a good understanding of where their money was going.”
Warkentin said they were proud of their children, but said the best part was watching them take joy in giving.
“I think the best part of it was when they brought the stuff to Ruth, we feel proud, but they feel the most pride in themselves,” she said. “Over $200 is pretty substantial for six-year-olds.”
Oscar’s mom, Kristin Mbabazi said it was the boy’s idea to donate the money, early in the process.
“They both said, do we have to keep the money for ourselves, can we donate it?”, she said. “They both said they wanted to do Katie Cares as local charity.”
Mbabazi said it felt great as a mother to watch those boys give back.
“It’s a huge proud moment, just seeing them do something for someone else, and not wanting the money for themselves at all. I mean it was $200, that’s a lot of money for a six-year-old,” she said. “Seeing them proud to give it away, just excited to help other people makes me very proud of them.”
Mbabazi added that it was good to see what a pair of determined six-year-olds can accomplish.
“It was kind of neat to see that two six-year-olds could raise over $200 and they were super excited to do it,” she said.
The boys also thanked Swim With Finn and Graham and Linda Corlett for the opportunity.

Oscar Mbabazi and Creston Warkentin go through some of the donated items with Ruth Reimer of Katie Cares. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

Oscar Mbabazi and Creston Warkentin pose at Swim With Finn registration. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

Oscar Mbabazi and Creston Warkentin pose with their supplies they sold at the Swim with Finn registration. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)