Seeking Citizen of Distinction

Dr. Robert (Bob) Menzies (left) was the last winner of the Morden Area Foundation's Citizen of Distinction Award. MAF is seeking nominations for the award. (FILE PHOTO)

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The Morden Area Foundation is hoping residents will help them recognize a Morden resident who really stands out.

MAF is accepting nominations for their annual Citizen of Distinction Award.

“It’s the kind of person that has a bit of a track record of caring for our community,” Morden Area Foundation executive director Lynda Lambert said. “It’s not just for one thing or one event, it’s repetitive so it shows there’s a broad brush that strokes across all their work that they’re committed to Morden and want to make it better just because.”

Many times that shows through volunteer work, but the Citizen of Distinction can be someone who betters the city through their work.

“Sometimes your work is directly related to Morden,” Lambert said. “Sometimes it’s just within your work that you do a great job… and really want the best for Morden. It’s not just your job, you really do care.”

Nominees must be a current or former resident of Morden, be over 18 years of age and nominators are required to fill out a official MAF form.

“Whether you’re new to Morden or have been here for 50 years, it’s someone who is a cheerleader for Morden,” Lambert said. “That’s who we want to have.”

Once all nominations are in, a selection committee made up of previous winners will choose the newest Citizen of Distinction.

Even previous winners get the benefit of learning about people who are volunteering in ways they didn’t know. “Usually people who volunteer lots know others that are doing the same, but not always,” Lambert said. “That’s just how these wonderful volunteers slip under the radar.”

Last year’s winner of the Citizen of Distinction Award was Dr. Robert (Bob) Menzies.

Lambert said having the award is important to shine a spotlight on some of the work and volunteerism that takes place in the city that people aren’t aware of.

“A lot of these people that volunteer, do work for Morden, they’re not looking for recognition,” she said. “That’s the kind of person that should be getting the award. They’re truly doing it because they want to leave a better legacy, make Morden a better place to live and visit and play and learn.”

“You lead by example,” she added. “Other people can see, ‘Well if they didn’t do that job, where would we be? I have some time, I can do things too.’ They just really see the importance of people who really are interested in their community. It becomes a better place to live just by the feeling you get from it.”

The deadline for nominations is April 5. The Citizen of Distinction will be celebrated with a reception on May 26 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Morden Legion Branch #11.

For more information about nominations, you can contact the Morden Area Foundation through email at or by phone at 204-822-5614.