Ribbon cut on Morden bakery

MLA Cameron Friesen, deputy mayor Nancy Penner, Gina Klassen and Morden & District Chamber of Commerce executive director Candace Olafson (right) held the ribbon as Katie Bergman cut to officially welcome As Told In Legends Bakery to Morden. (LAUREN MACGILL, Morden Times)

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As Told In Legends Bakery has been providing fresh, traditional baking into the hands of Morden residents for the better part of a year now. On Nov. 10 owner and operator Katie Bergman cut the ribbon to officially welcome the bakery into its space.

Bergman went to PEI to study pastry arts and brought her skills back to Morden to open her bakery. “I learned a lot of hands on, starting from scratch baking, and there was a lot of traditional baking,” she said.

She returned to Morden and worked for a summer before she started the process to get possession of her location at 522 Stephen Street.

Bergman got possession in January, and after a month of renovations As Told In Legends opened on February 6.

“It was fast but it was a lot of fun getting it ready to go and being able to do what I do in the back and put it up front for the customers.”

The name of the bakery comes from Bergman’s desire to get back to basics. “A lot of bakeries are doing mixes right now,” she said. “Ordering in mixes and mixing it with water, and that’s what your product is. I make everything from scratch. I don’t buy any mixes, everything is raw ingredients.”

“That’s the stuff that you used to hear about, how they used to do it, the stuff you hear in legends,” she added. “Plus a lot of the recipes are passed down through generations through my family, so the recipes kind of tell a legend too.”

Making all her products from scratch can mean a long day for Bergman. “It’s a lot of hours,” she said. “ I start at 3:30 [a.m.] and then I’m usually done by noon, sometimes I’m still going in the afternoon.”

Bergman and cousin Gina Klassen run the store, with Bergman’s parents stopping in to help if they need.

Baking wasn’t always something Bergman thought she wanted to pursue, though. It was only midway through high school that she discovered her love for the art.

“My sister got married and she moved out, and then there was no baking in the house anymore,” she said with a laugh. “I started baking and then I realized I really liked it. That’s when I kind of realized I really like baking and kind of took it from there.”

Bergman is only 21, and said there were some challenges with trying to start a business at such a young age. “Because of my inexperience a lot of things were new, so it was a little daunting,” she said. “But I’ve had my parents alongside me the whole way. My dad owns a business and my mom helps with the business, so they knew everything down pat.”

The bakery offers a variety of cookies, squares, cakes and breads every day. They offer special order cakes that customers can customize. Bergman said the cinnamon buns are the best selling items.

“We’ve had a lot of people coming back,” she said. “A lot of people coming back every week. It’s very encouraging.”

Bergman said her location has been a conversation piece for many customers, and being located on Stephen Street is a “dream come true.”