Reeve wins Chase the Ace in Miami

Members of the four local organizations that received funds thanks to the Chase the Ace Fundraiser held Miami. Left to right standing: Mike Weir, Fran Knox, Gavin Callum, Stu Schellenberg, Mike Orchard, Rachelle Orchard. Wayne Hanks is kneeling in the front row. (Supplied photo)

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A Chase the Ace Fundraiser held in Miami almost made it to the end of the year but a winner was declared 44 weeks into the competition when RM of Thompson Reeve Brian Callum pulled the coveted card and walked away with $34,911 while the four organizations hosting the event each took home just over $8,500.
“Our fundraising was between four organizations. The Miami Curling Club, the Miami Orchard Arena, Miami Golf Course and Miami Community Hall all received $8,535.34,” said Brooke Weir, co-chair of the Chase the Ace fundraiser. “The funds will go into the upkeep and maintenance of the organizations’ facilities in the community.”
The Friday night fundraiser began in January of 2018 with the Miami Curling Club, Miami Lloyd Orchard Arena, Miami Golf Course and the Miami Community Hall choosing to make the commitment to work together over the course of a possible 54 weeks to raise funds for the groups’ facilities.
“I was quite shocked that I drew the card,” said winner and RM of Thompson Reeve, Brian Callum. “I didn’t know how to react when I won. It was a wonderful event and a great commitment by the groups to put the time and effort into it. Taking the initiative to get it going and then share it amongst the four groups. I’m proud of the community and how they supported it as well.”
Callum adds the idea of winning all that money is still new to him and he doesn’t really have any plans on how to spend the funds as of yet. He is hoping to get to a much warmer climate once he’s had a chance to think about how to spend the funds.
The pot was able to climb as high as it did thanks to the low ticket price. Tickets were just $2 each which made it affordable for people to get involved in the competition.
“It was held at the Miami Station Bar and Grill,” said Barb Rankin, co-chair of the fundraiser. “They were gracious enough to host it for us and hats off to them for putting up with us every Friday and the large crowds. The Miami Curling Club took out the license for the competition. The proceeds were all split between the organizations and that would be considered donations from the curling club.”
Weir is newer to the community of Miami and was really impressed by the community support every week.
“It was pretty humbling to pull up to the main street and see all the cars parked ready to support the fundraiser. It was a lot of work but we really enjoyed it,” she said. “A weekly commitment can get tiring after a while but with four organizations chipping in you could take a week off here or there because there were so many people were supporting it.”
Rankin adds the costs associated with the upkeep of facilities in a small town like theirs can be a lot, so a fundraiser like this will go a long way.
“It just seems every year things go up in price and this was just a good opportunity to ask the community to come out and support four organizations,” said Rankin. “I think that’s what made this fundraiser so special because a lot of the people in the community, you’ll find they belong to more than one organization, so people came knowing they were supporting more than just one local organization.”
Weir and Rankin both agree they haven’t decided if they plan to run another Chase the Ace fundraiser in 2019 and that they’d be relaxing and enjoying the holiday seasons with their families. They were thankful a local, Reeve Callum, took home the jackpot at the end of the competition.