Profile: Josh Guenter - PC - Borderland

Borderland PC candidate Josh Guenter. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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Making life more affordable, continuing to work on health care and being a strong representative for the Borderland constituency are priorities for PC candidate Josh Guenter.

Born in Altona, he lives in the area with his wife Alicia, their young son Jackson and another baby on the way.

Guenter has been involved in politics for a number of years and has played an active role in provincial as well as federal election campaigns. He studied at the University of Ottawa and the University of Manitoba, has worked on Parliament Hill, and has served as a constituency assistant to local elected officials.

“I love southern Manitoba and this area and I’m proud to call it home,” Guenter said.

Making life more affordable is one of his goals. “We’re taxed to the max and affordability is an issue,” he said. “I think people want to be able to get ahead. They want to be able to put their kids through school and give their children a better life. Or maybe there’s a business idea they want to run with or (they need) new tires, or have a leaky roof that needs fixing.”

Guenter said a recent study shows that 56 per cent of Manitoba families have less than $200 left over at the end of the month after paying bills. “That’s not enough to be able to do those things,” he said.

Some of the work has already started. Guenter said the PC team made a promise that will cut taxes for the average Manitoban by about $2,000. “Some of that is already underway and there’s more to come,” he said.

Guenter said they must address the infrastructure deficit and continue to work on improving health care. “The reason I’m running is to fight for lower taxes and to improve our services,” he said.

Health care continues to be a priority and Guenter said that work will continue, pointing out that when the PCs took office in 2016, Manitoba was spending the second most per capita of any province in both health and education while getting poor outcomes.

“We’re in the middle of the biggest health care transformation in a generation in this province,” he said. “We’re actually now the only province in Canada to report a 14 per cent reduction in wait times, so you know we’re headed in the right direction.” He said they’ve also promised to hire 200 additional doctors and 80 rural paramedics.

Guenter said the PC Party is the right one for Borderland.

“The PC Party is the only party in Manitoba that recognizes that there is Manitoba beyond the perimeter,” he said. “The people of this area know that we have  a friend in government, in the premier and the PC team.”

“We have a strong record we can be proud of,” he added. “We announced at the outset of this campaign that of the promises we put to Manitobans in 2016, 90 per cent are done and 10 per cent are in progress, so it’s time to seek a new mandate for the big ideas we want to put to Manitobans.”

Being part of a team is important for Guenter, and something he said is also important to voters.

“The PC Party is a strong united team and I’m proud to be a voice within that team,” he said. “I’ve also heard loud and clear from people, they want to elect someone to be a voice in government, to make sure that our rural and small town concerns are heard.”

“I feel confident that I am the best man in this race,” he added. “My commitment to voters is to be open, accessible and transparent, to work hard on their behalf, to be a strong voice for our rural and small town way of life inside the governing caucus.”

The Borderland constituency includes as candidates: Ken Henry – Green Party, Loren Braul – Liberal, Joshua Guenter – PC Party, Cliff Graydon – Independent and Liz Cronk – NDP. The election takes place Sept. 10.