Pregnancy Care launches prenatal learning sessions

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The Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre is offering prenatal learning sessions beginning next month.

“Offering the sessions is important to the community because some people learn through reading, watching, or listening, but others thrive in an engaging, group setting,” says Linda Marek, executive director of PVPCC.

Prenatal learning sessions are designed to prepare, empower, and build confidence for the birth and postpartum experience. Participants will learn how to plan for birth and confidently include their partner as a support role.

Sessions include a variety of group activities in a small, interactive learning environment with chances to practice comfort measures, relaxation strategies, and the opportunity to ask any questions.

“Helping to reduce fear while learning how to have a more positive and peaceful experience before, during, and after birth is important since women often hear a huge range of stories about other women’s birth experiences,” Marek adds.

Topics that the sessions will cover include:

-how to reduce fear and have a more positive birth experience

-what to expect during labour and childbirth – including potential interventions

-signs, symptoms, and stages of labour (including timing contractions, knowing when to go to your place of birth, and what to expect at your place of birth)

-coping strategies for labour and childbirth (including optimal fetal positioning techniques)

-find out you, your partner/support people can help with hands-on comfort measures, relaxation strategies, and more.

-pain relief options (natural as well as medicated options), caesarean birth

-postpartum care and recovery

-newborn care

-help get breastfeeding off to a good start

-informed choice (making choices that are right for your family)

“We have always offered this information to our clients in one on one conversations, so the content is not new, but the format of group sessions is something we have not offered before,” says Marek. “People learn in different ways, there is unlimited access to information in our society, we thought it would meet a need for some women and families to have group sessions.”

Angeline Hoeppner will facilitate the learning sessions, and commented, “I have been a certified birth doula for about 15 years and have had the honour of supporting many families through labour and giving birth. I’ve seen and experienced that labour and birth can be an enduring, rewarding and empowering experience when moms and their support people are prepared and knowledgeable about the process. I enjoy these prenatal learning sessions because I’m confident that with practicing different positions, learning comfort measures and their function, or hearing the questions from others anticipation builds for one’s own labour and birth journey.”

Prenatal learning sessions start March 4 and registration is required. Pregnant women and their partner or birth support person are welcome. There will also be handouts and light refreshments included

Register at,, phone 204-325-7900 text 204.362.0797.