Police, fire and Thunder support Cheer Board

The Morden Police Service and Morden Fire Department are teaming up to raise funds and supplies for the Morden Christmas Cheer Board by setting up donation boxes at their locations. (LAUREN MACGILL, Morden Times)

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Even though they won’t be hitting the ice to raise money for the Morden Christmas Cheer Board, both the Morden Fire Department and Morden Police Service are still raising money and supplies.

Because of scheduling issues, the annual Guns and Hoses game will not take place this year. The friendly match between the Morden Thunder and fire and police department was replaced by a regular game with the Northlands Parkway Collegiate Nighthawks on December 3 at which the Thunder raised funds and donations for the Cheer Board.

The Cheer Board saw a few major donations at the game, including $200 from the Morden Swaybacks Old Timers Hockey Club, $200 from Huron Windows and $100 from Morden Adult Education Centre.

People who came to watch the game could get in by donation, and the Cheer Board’s donation boxes of food and toys were quite full by the end of the evening. The team raised $1243.34 for the Cheer Board.

Despite not being able to play this year, the Morden Fire Department and Morden Police Service still wanted to help out the Cheer Board.

“This would be a great opportunity for people to stop at the police station or fire hall, drop off some gifts or donations and get a little tour while they’re here,” Morden Fire Chief Andy Thiessen said.

“We want to be connected to the community other than just at bad times, we want to be there for some of the good times too. We’re here to help out people that are a little less fortunate and help out at least once a year.”

Boxes will be set up at the police station and fire hall for donations of toys and perishable food.

Competitive in nature, the two departments said they may be counting items to see who can collect the most.

“Any time we team up with the fire guys it’s a great thing,” Constable Devin Bell said. “We have a great working relationship with them, and usually by the end of it there’s a little bit of a competition involved. The main thing is we’re trying to help out people here, and anything we get is just great.”

Thiessen said it has been great seeing the support the Guns and Hoses games have had in previous years, and anticipates that the game will return next year.

Morden Cheer Board public relations representative Megan Andrew said it’s great to see that the two departments are still eager to help out with the Cheer Board.

“It is for the local community and even though they serve the community every day, it’s really nice to see them go the extra mile,” she said. “We’re just thrilled to be a part of it.”

Andrew said the Cheer Board is grateful for the support from community organizations. “It’s a good circle,” she said. “They help us and we help them.”

Andrew said the Cheer Board has had a good reaction in terms of toy and monetary donations, and said they anticipate being on target for hampers. Applications to receive a hamper are open until December 11.

The boxes at the fire hall and police station will be there until December 18.