Pembina Valley Watershed District’s first AGM in the books

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The first annual general meeting of the Pembina Valley Watershed District (PVWD) was held last month at the Pilot Mound Kinsmen Hall where new and old board members met to elect new sub district chair and vice chair positions.

The following are the local representatives:

Upper Pembina River Sub-District

Chairman – Rob Adams

Vice-Chairman – Dustin Flanagan

Central Pembina River Sub-District

Chairman – Colin McInnes

Vice-Chairman – Ross Ballantine

Lower Pembina River Sub-District

Chairman – Bill Howatt

Vice-Chairman – Grant Matchullis

Long/Badger Sub-District

Chairman – Troy Stozek

Vice-Chairman – Randy Hodge

Deadhorse/Buffalo Sub-District

Chairman – Bob Giesbrecht

Vice-Chairman – Glen Holenski

Elections for the main board chairperson as well as the vice chairperson took place last week where Bill Howatt was named the incoming chairperson and Bob Giesbrecht will act as vice chair.

“I am very happy to be working with this group of very diverse individuals on our watershed programming for the Pembina Valley Watershed District. The opportunity for us to offer programming and access funding has never been greater,” says Howatt. “The Conservation and GROW Trusts are endowment funds set aside by the Province to provide a continuous investment towards sustainability. The interest from these funds will go to projects like riparian fencing and watering systems in partnership with livestock producers, shelterbelt plantings to increase aquifer recharge, promoting of poly cropping to increase soil health and many others. We hope to see lots of these projects and incentive payments on the ground in the coming years.”

For more information , or any questions regarding PVWD programming, please contact its office at 204-242-3267 or email