ParticipACTION - a chance to win

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Being active could result in a financial reward, this summer. The City of Morden is participating in ParticipACTION’s new challenge of 2019, the Community Better Challenge.
Morden has a chance to win $150,000 as Canada’s Most Active Community. Individuals could win $20,000 in the contest that runs May 31 – June 16.
Morden residents are encouraged to keep track of their physical activity and submit those minutes either online via the ParticipACTION app or in person at the Access Event Centre during office hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 p.m..
“Two years ago they had the ParticipACTION One-fifty Playlist Challenge, so they’re always coming up with different challenges to get Canadians moving more,” Rec Programmer Stephanie Dueck said.
Both Individual and communal minutes will be tracked.
Dueck said the activity does not have to be limited to one type, but can include yard work, cleaning the house, walking, ultimate frisbee, disc-golf and more. “I’ve seen people be active on their own all the time or with their friends, and we encourage people to continue doing that,” said Dueck.
“We have lots of drop-in sport programs that continue to run in the summer,” she added. “Whether you participate in our programs or go for regular walks or runs on your own, we’d love for you to track your minutes for this challenge.”
Being active and healthy is good for personal health but, according to Brent Gouthro, a Nurse Practitioner at the Agassiz Medical Centre, it is also good for the overall health of the surrounding community.
“We hope to continue offering various challenges in the coming months and beyond. Engaging individuals to participate ripples to the larger community making us all better for it,” Gouthro said. ParticipACTION aims to get as many Canadians active as possible.
“Physical activity helps to strengthen the social network in our community,” Dueck added. “It all trickles down.”