OPINION: Bergen condemns illegal blockades

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The dangerous and unlawful blockades that have sprung up across the country have nothing to do with standing up for First Nations communities. The only objective of these protesters is to stall Canada’s resource sector and prevent economic progress and prosperity.

I want to be clear that blocking roads and railways is against the law and dangerous. These illegal blockades across Manitoba, and most notably just outside Morris, Man., are unsafe and have a significant and negative impact on the livelihoods of all Canadians. We’ve seen over 1,400 workers laid off, farmers are losing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars by the day, and critical supplies can’t be delivered to communities. It’s time that the Prime Minister shows leadership and restores law and order.

Like all Manitobans, I’m grateful for our law enforcement officers in Manitoba and I know they take their responsibilities to maintain law and order very seriously. That’s why today, I’m personally committing to our police officers that I’m available to them should they need support as they do their job upholding our laws and protecting our citizens. I will also continue to stand up for peaceful and law-abiding Canadians whose lives are being negatively affected by the Prime Minister’s lack of leadership at this critical time.

Hon. Candice Bergen

Conservative House Leader

MP Portage-Lisgar