Morden native plays from the heart - Zero Thought

Paige Drobot is releasing her first album, a EP called Zero Thought. (STEPHANIE KOLBUCK)

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Morden native Paige Drobot is releasing her first album. The EP called Zero Thought will be released June 7 at The Cavern in Winnipeg.
Born and raised in Morden, Drobot attended the Back 40, busked at the farmers market from the ages of 12-18 and is often back in the community for family and local performances.
She calls Winnipeg home, and has recorded with several other bands before her debut EP.
“I’ve been playing in lots of other bands and just kind of writing too many songs to siphon off into all of them,” she said. “I started recording them at home myself and tried producing it.”
Nearly every sound on the album is music she made. “I did almost all the instruments myself,” she said. “It took me over a year to make, but that’s also because I’m so busy otherwise.”
Drobot played guitar, bass, drums, keyboards of different kinds, various percussion and even a mellotron (an electro-mechanical, polyphonic tape replay keyboard).
She also had some help from others including a friend playing the flute.
After she put the four songs together, Drobot said the music label transistor66 offered to put it out.
Describing the album is difficult. Her sound is rock and roll, but more complex than that. Transistor66 had this description.
“This record finds Paige in complete control, of all her own chaos, playing nearly every instrument and engineering and producing the EP herself. The results are a striking mirror of the artist’s stream of conscious personality, and as unique.”
As someone who listens to a variety of music herself, Drobot said for this project she just did whatever she wanted.
“It comes out as a mixed bag,” she said. “It’s just rock and roll, it’s got a bit of a retro vibe to it, a 60’s 70’s thing.”
Her unique voice makes the music unmistakably unique.
“I’ve always been weird,” she said with a laugh. “When I was a kid they wouldn’t let me sing in the choir you know… I don’t blend.”
The varied love of music comes from growing up.
“My parents taught me to not only listen to music… we’d listen to music instead of watching a movie every night,” she said. “My dad would play guitar and my mom would sing, so I’d always kind of been desperate to play the guitar.”
Drobot learned from local artists such as J.P. Lepage and Jim Nickel.
She said the hard work paid off.
“I think the most honest art comes from a point where you’re not thinking about what you’re trying to do… you just do whatever comes to mind,” she said. “To get to that way though you have to do a lot of thinking for a long time. You have to practise, get it under your fingers so the music can get out.”
“I feel like I’m at a point now where I don’t have to think anymore and just play straight from my heart,” she said.
That idea helped develop the Zero Thought title before she started writing and producing the songs.
Drobot said she’s not shooting for fortune and fame, but would love to be able to keep doing what she loves.
“I just want to keep making records,” she said.
Zero Thought will be released Friday, June 7 at The Cavern in Winnipeg. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door. Guests Man Candy and Ponemah will also be part of the excitement.
The album is available at Janzen Brothers Music in Winkler and at the Pembina Hills Arts Council (PHAC) in Morden.

Paige Drobot is releasing her first album, a EP called Zero Thought. (ADAM CHERPAKO)

Paige Drobot is releasing her first album, a EP called Zero Thought. (ADAM CHERPAKO)

Paige Drobot is releasing her first album, a EP called Zero Thought. (PAIGE DROBOT)