Morden development threatened by sewer connection denials

Morden mayor Brandon Burley (LAUREN MACGILL, Morden Times)

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The City of Morden is looking for solutions after Manitoba Sustainable Development put a halt on new sewer connections.
Mayor Brandon Burley said the change blocks any development in which connections have not yet been already approved.
The City found out after a new connection approval was needed for condos on 9th St. South. The approval was denied.
Burley said they initially thought they had a hydraulic capacity issue, which would mean too much water was being added to the system.
The solution to that was to ask residents to ensure their sump pumps do not go into the sewer system, and to propose a way to recycle spray park water.
“That’s not the issue according to the environmental engineer,” Burley said.
That means it’s an organic capacity issue, and Burley said their are no easy or cheap fixes.
“It’s $1 million for another cell,” he said, explaining adding another sewage lagoon cell would address the problem.
“The other option is to remove some of the organic matter, but that’s really expensive as well,” he said. “There’s no short term solution.”
Burley said they’re reluctant to spend that kind of money on solutions, considering a waste water treatment plant is being planned.
Burley said they’re also looking to see if they can trade some already approved connections for new connections. Some approved connections are tied to properties that will not be developed for years, while others are needed now.