Morden and Winkler students cast ballots

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Local students headed to the polls to vote in municipal elections. While their votes didn’t help elect candidates, they did give students a chance to take part in a voting process under the name Student Vote.
In Winkler kids from Garden Valley Collegiate, J.R. Walkof School and Parkland Elementary School took part. Morden saw students from Ecole Morden Middle School and Minnewasta Elementary School get involved.
Dan Allan, Director of Content for Civix Canada (the group behind the student vote mock election) said about 200 schools and 15,000 students took part.
Students do far more than just vote.
“Students learn about government and the electoral process, and research the issues and candidates through classroom learning, campaign activities, media consumption and family dialogue,” Civix Canada said. “On Student Vote Day, students take on the roles of election officials and coordinate a vote for the election candidates running in their school’s municipality. Results are reported to CIVIX confidentially and shared publicly following the close of the polls.”
Winkler results
Students voted differently than local residents.
In the student election, Jerry Friesen won the most votes with 116. He did not win a council seat in the real election.
Other candidates who would have become councillors according the Winkler students were Karina Bueckert (101), Andrew Froese (100), Michael Grenier (98), Marvin Plett (92) and Don Fehr (87).
Missing the cut for the students was Don Cruickshank (86), Henry Siemens (74) and Zahid Zehri (73).
Henry Siemens led the vote count in the actual municipal election.
Morden results
Morden students voted similarly to the community. For mayor, students overwhelmingly supported Brandon Burley (344) followed by Karla Warkentin (145) and Ron McClain (103).
For council, other than the order of popularity, only one difference existed between the student vote and the community vote. Not making the cut in the student vote was Hank Hildebrand (341) and Ray Reidle (281). In the real election, Hildebrand was in, while Rich Harries was out.
The students top pick was Doug Frost with 409 votes, followed by Rich Harries (365), Jim Hunt (363), Garry Hiebert (360), Nancy Penner (347) and Gordon Maddock (345).
Student Vote is the flagship program of CIVIX, Canada’s leading civic education charity. Since 2003, CIVIX has coordinated 39 Student Vote programs at various levels of elections. In the 2015 federal election, 922,000 students cast ballots from 6,662 schools representing all 338 ridings.
The Government of Canada has provided funding to support the development and delivery of the Student Vote project for the 2018 municipal and school board elections. The program was offered at no cost to all Manitoba schools.