Morden alumni wins provincial gold

Tulsa Labonte, former Morden Collegiate student and current Assiniboine Community College student, won gold at Skills Manitoba. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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Morden’s Tulsa Labonte won a gold medal at the Skills Manitoba competition in the IT Office Software Applications category and will be heading to nationals in Halifax, May 27-30.
The Assiniboine Community College student was one of 21 ACC students to win medals at the event.
A Business Administration student, the competition she took part in was designed for Office Administration and Business Administration students.
Labonte said the competition tested many abilities.
“We were tasked with creating various documents for a hypothetical event using Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint,” she said. “We had 75 minutes to work on each program, for a total of 5 hours of work. For some tasks we were given a photo of a document to replicate, while other challenges only provided instructions. To name a few of the challenges, we generated invoices, created letter templates, and built databases to track attendees and ticket sales.”
Labonte said being able to focus was key to doing well.
“During the competition, I worked away task by task and tried to forget about the fact that I was competing,” she said. “I credit a large portion of my success to my experience at Skills last year. It gave me a strong understanding of the competition’s structure, which allowed me to dedicate more attention to the challenges themselves.”
Preparation also paved the way.
“I also am grateful for the coaching received from my two Microsoft instructors, Cheryl Little and Patti-Jo Burt,” she said.
Coming away with the gold was a special moment for Labonte.
“I’m absolutely thrilled to have received the gold medal for this category,” she said. “I am looking forward to representing Manitoba and ACC in Halifax for Skills Canada.”
Labonte is also involved in student affairs through the Student Association, and she said it’s great to see others do well from the college.
“As President of the Students’ Association, I couldn’t be more pleased with our students’ success at Skills,” she said. “It’s wonderful to see the hard work of my friends and peers be recognized at a provincial level.”
“I’d like to congratulate the bravery and dedication all those who attended Skills this year, and look forward to seeing how ACC proves themselves on Team Manitoba in May,” she added.
Labonte said her interest in business administration is in her blood.
“Both my mother and grandmother have experience as business owners, so it was a natural choice for me to follow in their footsteps,” she said.
She also credited her high school experience at Morden Collegiate for helping her succeed.
“I’m grateful to many of my teachers for helping me develop a strong work ethic, encouraging me to push my limits and be adventurous in learning,” she said.
Labonte plans to continue her education in Kelowna, where she intends to complete her Bachelor of Business Administration.
“After that, I look forward to seeing what opportunities present themselves,” she added.

Tulsa LabontŽ of Morden, centre, won the gold medal in IT Office Software Applications at the recent Skills Manitoba competition. Team Assiniboine swept the event, with Chantelle Kennedy, left, taking silver and Jerrick Haywood taking bronze. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)