Location chosen for new active living centre

R.M. of Thompson reeve Brian Callum displays the proposed plan for Miami's new active living centre. (LAUREN MACGILL, Morden Times)

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The future site of a new active living centre for Miami has been decided.

R.M. of Thompson reeve Brian Callum announced the new site at the first annual Celebrate Miami Community Showcase on July 27.

The new active living centre is slated to go up in the west side of the Memory Garden. Callum said the location was chosen for ease of access and lack of congestion. “We could have put it back where the original one was, but then we would be without a centre for a year,” he said. “We kind of had to go to a new location. It’s going to add to the overall appeal of town and the beautiful green space that’s already here.”

Callum estimated the new centre would cost around $900,000 if the R.M. gets all the grants they’re hoping for, and said construction may start next year. “We had a generous donation probably a year and a half ago from a former resident that’s our seed money to try to get this building up and running,” Callum said. “The main focus of it will be a senior centre replacing our outdated senior centre. It’s hard to get into and it’s quite small.”

The new proposed plan is 5,718 square feet and includes friendship centre, meeting rooms, kitchen, workout gym and a 1,500 square foot multipurpose room with a stage.

“Not just seniors, everyone of all ages can use this new building,” Callum said. “We have a lot of stuff here in terms of facilities, we have arenas and a grandstand and a golf course, we need to have something that will encourage people to settle here or stay here.”

“A new active living centre makes sense even for health reasons, for people to stay active,” he added. “It gives them a place to go sometimes in the cold winter. Something like this could only benefit us.”