LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disturbing legislation will not be beneficial to Canadians

Letter to the editor

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As a concerned Canadian citizen, I would like to draw attention to some very disturbing legislation currently in debate in the House of Commons. I can foresee that if this legislation is passed, it will not be beneficial to the Canadian people.
The government is bombarding the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada with numerous bills to be passed without debate or consent by the people of Canada. Is this looking out for the best interests of Canadians?
For example:
• Bill C-71: Law abiding gun owners in Canada will fall under stricter guidelines. i.e. background checks, record keeping requirements for retailers and further restrictions to transport a firearm. This will not curb the gang violence in this country. Criminals do not follow the law!
• Bill C-75: An act to amend the Criminal Code of Canada. The claim is to modernize and make it more efficient. Modern and efficient for whom? This bill is an assault on The Canadian Justice System. The amendments the government is trying to push through will only weaken our justice system.
How is reducing penalties for hardened criminals going to protect the Canadian people? For example, bringing back ISIS fighters and rewarding terrorists returning to Canada, criminals that smuggle firearms across the border, those that commit acts of terrorism and acts to engage in terrorist activity or harbour terrorists. Criminals forging passports, those involved with child trafficking, recruiting children to participate in gang violence, sex crimes against children and forcing children into marriage. The list is long, but these are the amendments that are the most offensive.
To make matters worse, you want to instill these summary convictions into the hands of an already very broken system of judges, lawyers and police, who may or may not abide by the laws governing this country.
In closing, I have to say that anyone with a shred of human decency and good conscience could never impose such preposterous ideals against other human beings.
This is an assault on the Canadian people and the laws that keep our country strong and free.
Please read and contact your Senator, MP, and MLA to vote against these outrageous amendments!