Juried Art Exhibition postponed due to lack of funds

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Members of the Central Cultural Council won’t explain why a funding shortage has resulted in the postponing of the 2020 Central Region Juried Art Exhibition.

The Central Cultural Council, made up of Golden Prairie Arts Council (Carman), Pembina Hills Arts Council (Morden), Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment (Portage), Tiger Hills Arts Association (Holland) and Winkler Arts & Culture, sent out a press release stating lack of funding was the reason for the postponement of the event.

They would not comment on what the source of funding for the annual exhibition normally is, why the financial situation has changed, or when the art exhibition could take place.

Instead the three paragraph press release simply stated they are looking for new resources.

“The Juried Art Exhibition is hosted annually by these arts councils on a rotational basis and has provided regional artists the opportunity to network and showcase their work for 38 years,” the press release stated. “Every effort will be made to investigate alternative revenue sources to secure the future of the exhibition.”