“It’s all for the kids”

Thornhill's Mark Stambuski drove his 1963 Massey Harris in the Harvest for Kids World Record. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

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While volunteers, organizers and sponsors helped make the Harvest for Kids World Record Attempt a success, it was the combine operators flooding in from across the province that made the event possible.
R.M. of Stanley councillor Pete Froese farms near Winkler, and was operating a 1997 9600 John Deere. He said he was there, not for the record, but for the cause.
“It’s all for the kids and I hope we don’t lose focus on that,” he said.
Winkler area farmer Jake Klassen was driving a 1997 2388 International.
He said his entire family is involved. (Harvest Coordinator George Klassen is his brother.)
“I was part of this the last time it was here,” he said. “We just think it’s a wonderful cause.”
Although the event is a massive undertaking, it’s a very small gesture compared to the benefits according to Klassen.
“Where else will 300 combines get together, helping people, telling them about Jesus Christ when we have to do such a little thing here,” he said. “It puts our community on the map. It’s just good for everybody.”
Manitou/Darlingford area producer Janet Young was driving a TR 99 New Holland combine. She said it’s worth making the trip to take part in the event.
“It’s an amazing event to see and be a part of,” she said. “I like driving combine, it’s one of my preferred activities for the farm.”
One portion of the field was dedicated to vintage combines.
Thornhill area farmer Mark Stambuski brought his 1963 Super 92 Massey Harris to the event.
A working combine that he uses on the farm, it is a far cry from the modern combines used today. “This holds 65 bushels,” he said. “Combines now hold more than 400.”
Stambuski admitted he enjoys the opportunity to show his machinery off and be part of such a big event.
“This is so fun, so efficient, very easy to set,” he said of his combine. “It’s exciting.”

Winkler area farmer Jake Klassen was driving a 1997 2388 International. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

Joel Titchkosky took his sons Oliver and Xander with him to be part of the world record. (LAUREN MACGILL/Winkler Times)