Hundreds take in annual quilt show

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The Barnswallow Quilt Guild had another successful Quilt Show from May 3-5.

Over 700 visitors came through the doors of the Access Event Centre to take in the talents of quilters in the area.

Barnswallow Quilt Guild members Sue Nelson and Edith Lovatt said while Friday was their biggest day, Saturday and Sunday saw plenty of enthusiastic attendees.

There were around 240 quilts being shown, which didn’t include a small travelling display.

The travelling display focused on smaller quilts with the theme “From a Tiny Seed” and featured quilts from quilters outside of the area.

“So many people in the area are doing such neat, innovative things with smaller pieces,” Nelson said. “Really interesting techniques and very artistic designs and things.”

The challenge quilt returned this year. The theme this year was black and blue. Last year quilters got three pieces of black and white fabric and could add three or more blues and a splash of colour.

“It’s very interesting what people think of when you get handed just three pieces of material and have to add your own ideas,” Lovatt said. “It’s beautiful.”

Quilters also had the chance to participate in the President’s Challenge, which was a small piece with the theme “What’s Out Your Window?”

Nelson said the challenges are a good way to keep quilters practicing. “There are lots of new techniques out there,” she said. “People share a lot with each other. We’ve had lots of discussion happen on the floor, people that come to see the show are like, ‘How do you do that? This is new.’ It’s a very creative process so it provides a lot of inspiration for quilters and people that do other kinds of artwork as well.”

“They are pieces of art,” she added.

Quilters can only show a piece in the show once. The show is now in its 31st year, which says a lot about the tenacity and productivity of local quilters.

“It’s a great compliment to the women in the area that it keeps going and they keep producing,” Lovatt said. “We’ve got some prolific quilters out there.”

Lenore Laverty and Kathryn Laverty Luger showed off many of their own pieces as featured quilters this year.

Some local quilters also shared their works during easel flip presentations over the weekend. “They talk about how they made it, the process behind it, the inspiration behind it,” Lovatt said.

“Those have been very popular,” Nelson said. “We’ve had a solid crowd in there each time.”