Humane Society shares highlights

Back left, Past President Tyler Cameron, Treasurer Michael Fehr, Assistant Shelter Manager Alisha Unrau, Building Maintenance/Supervision Janet Young, Secretary Jacquie Mitchell, Vice Chair Paula Armstrong, Shelter Manager David Bone, Fundraising Chair Jenna Sambrook, Chair Kathy Ward, Retail Chair Laurie Magotiaux, Retail Co-Chair Terri Ward, Absent - Public Relations Chair Holly Thorne. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

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The Pembina Valley Humane Society hosted their annual meeting, sharing a board with a new looks, finances, and goals for the year ahead.
Kathy Ward was elected chair.
That’s a new position after they reformatted the board by eliminating the president’s position and breaking down the responsibilities. The chairperson of the board is the top leadership position. They have also added a Donor Relations Chair, Retail Chair and Community & Education Chair. A smaller executive committee will also have the authority to make time sensitive decisions if required.
“The organizational changes have been made to help balance workload and distribute responsibilities to make the board more efficient and effective,” Ward said. “We hope to have a board that is effectively utilizing the talents each member brings to the table.”
The board is looking for individuals to chair the Fundraising Committee, the Sponsor /Donor Relations Chair and the Education & Community Chair.
Visitor attendance was high with 6,337 this year. That’s broken down to 3,533 chore volunteers, 2,442 general visitors and 362 program visitors.
Those numbers don’t include events PVHS attends such as parades, festivals, schools or fundraising events. Morden represents the biggest source of general visitors at 1,123. Following that is Winkler – 534, Winnipeg – 145, Altona – 133 and R.M. of Stanley – 64.
This year the humane society had 172 animal intakes and 180 adoptions, numbers that are up from previous years
They are also finding new ways to connect with the public. Their website, and social media has continued to grow.
“PVHS wants to be a resource for responsible and proper care of cats and dogs,” Ward explained. “We hope the increased visibility will to help animals find their forever homes. We rely on all methods of getting our message out there and it has helped bring people and pets together.”
Raising the needed finances is always a challenge.
“The animals that come through our doors need the community to help them out,” Ward said. “Our fundraising and sponsorship team have a great plan for events to encourage supporting PVHS. We work with businesses, other rescue organizations, the RMs, towns and cities as well as search for grant opportunities to help keep the shelter going. With good management and community support we will be able to meet our 2019 budget.”
Volunteers are also needed.
“We are looking for individuals 16 years plus that have a love for animals to work chore and exercise shifts,” she said. “All volunteers are trained for the duties they are asked to perform so past experience is not a necessity.”
Ward said she’s excited to take on the leadership role on the board. “We have a great team of passionate and talented individuals who want to help the cats and dogs who need forever homes,” she said. “All of my personal pets are rescue animals. Having the opportunity to help other animals find their forever homes is very important to me.”