Heritage Trust Fund investment for CFDC's future

Director of Endow Manitoba with The Winnipeg Foundation Alan Goddard accepted a cheque for $20,000 from Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre executive director Peter Cantelon. The funds go into the Heritage Trust Fund, and that money will be matched by the province. (LAUREN MACGILL, Morden Times)

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A provincial initiative to support long-term revenue for organizations is going to pay off for the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.

The Manitoba Heritage Trust Program is a three-year program started by the province that allows museums like CFDC to put money into their fund with the Morden Area Foundation and see that amount matched ($1 for every $2) by the province.

The money goes to the Heritage Trust Program, managed by The Winnipeg Foundation, and after three years those funds (along with the matching funds) roll into the CFDC’s fund with the MAF.

This is the second year CFDC has been able to present a cheque to the Manitoba Heritage Trust Program. The museum added $20,000 to their fund, raised from their Dig Deep Gala in April.

“We had a successful gala this year and we did the same thing last year and had a cheque for $20,000,” CFDC executive director Peter Cantelon said. “By the time this program is done we figure our Morden Area Foundation fund should be somewhere in the range of $150,000 or more.”

CFDC has contributed $40,000 to the program so far, which will become $60,000 through the matching funding.

“We already had $35,000 in our fund which we started in 2015,” Cantelon said. “It’s just been growing well. We’re already reaping the benefits of the interest that comes back to us.”

Director of Endow Manitoba with The Winnipeg Foundation Alan Goddard said CFDC has been on the forefront of the program since its inception.

“When this program was first envisioned and the Manitoba government approached Endow Manitoba and The Winnipeg Foundation over this idea of creating a long-term matching program to build the endowments of all of the heritage organizations across the province, we knew early on that the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre would be a leader,” he said. “Even prior to this initiative, they’ve already set up a fund. They were already providing leadership in this area and we knew it would be a continued benefit for them.”

“Ultimately the vitality of our communities is defined in many ways by the cultural significance of those organizations that really help describe what is important to all of our communities,” Goddard said. “When I look at CFDC and what it’s done in terms of Morden and helping to put it on the map for many Manitobans and even people outside of Manitoba, I think it’s a fantastic organization and we’re really happy to see the community support them through endowments and ensuring that they have continued operating funds not just for next year or the year after, but for forever.”