Festival of the Arts concludes

Sage Penner - Trust in You, Sacred Vocal. Morden Festival of the Arts Hi-Lites Concert 2019. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Morden Times)

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The Morden Festival of the Arts came to a close with the Hi-Lites Concert, April 28, at the Morden Alliance Church.
An annual celebration of the arts in the community, throughout the season the festival shared the tremendous amount of talent in this area.
This year 510 entries were part of the festival, as an individual, duet, trio, quartet, small group, classroom choir (10 classroom choirs took part in Speech Arts) or full choir (9 choirs participated in the Vocal/Choral section), bringing the number of participants much higher than that 510.
Students performed in six disciplines (Band, Strings, Sacred, Piano, Vocal/Choral, French & English Speech Arts) filling 14 days with 29 sessions (morning, afternoon or evening) throughout the months of February, March and April
The grand finale of the 44th season of the Morden Festival of the Arts was the Hi-Lites concert.
56 awards were presented to festival participants, recognizing levels of achievement in the various disciplines.
Several festival performers were adjudicator-recommended to go on to represent the Morden Festival of the Arts at The Provincial Music & Arts Festival in Winnipeg on May 24-26.
Putting on a festival of this size is a collaborative effort of the organizing committee, talented performers, teachers/instructors, parents/guardians, adjudicators, patrons, audience members and over 80 volunteers who helped at various sessions.
Organizers say they appreciate the generous donations and strong support from community-minded individuals, businesses, organizations, schools and media.
Donations to the Festival are always welcome and can be mailed to: Morden Festival of the Arts, Box 493, Morden, MB, R6M 1A5
The Morden Festival of the Arts is currently looking for new people to come on board.
It’s a small commitment with three meetings per year to organize the festival.
If you are interested or would like more information contact Erika Dyck at 204-823-0208.

The following will compete at the Provincial Music & Arts Festival May 24-26 in Winnipeg:

Preliminary- Logan Wiebe
Junior – Samuel Kroeker
Intermediate – Adalynne Pahl, Celena Harder, Alternate: Thomas Kroeker
Advanced- Cecilia Sanders, Riese Penner
Preliminary- Isaiah Meilun, Bijan Salimi, Alternate: Cherri Wiebe
Junior – Thomas Kroeker, Samuel Kroeker
Advanced- Matthew Pahl, Bethany Wiebe
Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers
Piano Preliminary – Kierra Penner, Alternate: Denise Howatt
Piano Junior – Ian Fehrmoore
Vocal Preliminary – Sage Penner
Multi-Discipline Mozart
Piano Advanced – Matthew Pahl
Intermediate – James Bergen
Speech Arts
Poetry & Prose – Ian Fehrmoore
Grades 4 – 6 – Jessica Kagan, Alternate: Jood Abujazia
Poetry & Prose – Sarah Kagan
Grades 7 – 9 – Bijan Salimi, Alternate: Keelyn l’Heureux
Public Speaking Grade 4-6 – Hari Ramesh
Prepared/Impromptu Speech Grade 7-9 – Rylee Olafson


Strings: Zoe Reimer, Blaze Derksen, Sinead Convery, Aidan Kroeker, Kate Giesbrecht, Emily Sanders, Denise Howatt, Samuel Kroeker, Olivia Groening, Paul Wiens, Joel Alles, Thomas Kroeker, Cecilia Sanders
Duet, Trio, or Quartet: Melissa Schultz & Laureen Felski
Piano: Molly Cowan, Jessica Kagan, Isaiah Meilun, Denise Howatt, Samuel Kroeker, Thomas Kroeker, Leticia Grass, Daniel Kagan, Finn Rachu, Bethany Wiebe, Matthew Pahl
Vocal: Claire Schobert, Keeley Sheppard, Zane Sheldon, Haylee Henderson, James Bergen
Sacred Piano, Beginner to Grade 4: Brooklyn Fleming, Rebecca Kagan
Sacred Piano, Grade 5 & over: Kira Young
Sacred Piano, Ensemble: Kira Young & Emma Young, Molly Cowan & Gabbi Hildebrand
Sacred Strings, Grade 5 & over: Paul Wiens
Sacred Mixed Ensemble: Naomi Wiens & Beth Giesbrecht
Sacred Vocal, 12 years & under: Keeley Sheppard
Sacred Vocal, 13 years & over: Sage Penner, Haylee Henderson
Speech Arts: Rebecca Kagan, Jessica Kagan, Ian Fehrmoore, Rylee Olafson, Bijan Salimi
Duet, Trio, Quartet: Grade K-3 Brooks Hutton, Ethan Radke; Grade 4-6 Kiru Griffin, Vance Olson, Badr Abujazia; Grade 7-9 Kristin Smart, Sarah Kagan