EMMS class donates to Katie Cares

The grade five class at Ecole Morden Middle School helped raise $1,477.10 for Katie’s Cottage. (RILEY FRIESEN/Morden Times)

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The grade five students at Ecole Morden Middle School helped raise close to $1,500 for Katie Cares thanks to a Taco-in-a-Bag fundraiser, the sale of slime, and a matching grant .
Becky Williams’ grade five class put on the Taco-in-a-Bag fundraiser on May 29 to raise money for the Beanie Babies that go into care bags distributed to children at Boundary Trails Health Centre.
Ruth Reimer, Executive Director of Katie’s Cottage, shared the story of her daughter Kaitlyn to the class when they arrived with the cheque on June 12.
Shortly after her own cancer diagnosis, Katie saw a little girl covered in bruises at BTHC, with a police officer at her door and no family around. Katie told her mom that something had to be done to let the girl know she is loved. They purchased a Beanie Baby and gave it to the girl.
It was because of this act of kindness that Katie decided to create Katie Cares and raise money for all the other children in the hospital to let them know they are also not alone.
This year, the EMMS students raised $710 at the fundraiser, $28.55 from the sale of “slime”, which was matched by the Morden Area Foundation, resulting in a total donation of $1,477.10.
Lynda Lambert, Executive Director of the Morden Area Foundation, said that students, especially in younger years, feel like they can’t help out as much.
“When they all come together and then we partner with them, then all of a sudden you become stronger and you can do more and have a bigger impact,” Lambert said.
Lambert said the month of May represents the Pay it Forward initiative between both the Morden and Winkler Community Foundations, which also helps encourage young people to help and raise funds for what they believe in.

Ruth Reimer, Executive Director of KatieÕs Cottage. (RILEY FRIESEN/Morden Times)