Council meetings viewable online

Morden council meetings are now online for those that miss a meeting.

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Community members who can’t make it to Morden City Council meetings will be able to watch the meetings online after they occur.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator Viktor Karklins said putting meetings online was something council wanted to do after their monthly City Council meetings moved to Monday mornings.

“The time wasn’t available for everybody,” Karklins said. “They wanted to ensure that everyone would have access to it even though it was during the day.”

Council meetings (and Committee of the Whole meetings) will be posted online at after the meeting takes place.

Karklin said the development is a step forward for transparency and accessibility for the city.
“The council has always intended to be transparent and open,” he said. “With meetings that are happening at a fixed time and a fixed place, it didn’t always come across that way.”

“People who may not even know there was an issue that they were interested in until after the meeting had already happened, this way they can follow up with that at any time and wherever they are,” he added. “We’re really excited for that to be accessible for our citizens.”

The first recorded city council meeting is under the city’s belt, and Karklins said it went well.