Brenda Lee Cottrell and the Legends offer a Musical Walk Down Memory Lane

Brenda Lee Cottrell & The Legends. (WWW.BRENDALEECOTTRELL.COM)

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On Saturday, June 15, singer Brenda Lee Cottrell & The Legends will bring a new show entitled “The Memorable Music of the Legendary Ladies of the ‘60s” to the Manitou Opera House.
Bringing the nuances of each Legendary Lady to the stage, Cottrell weaves a trail of nostalgia through the hearts and minds of those who remember. Although the featured music may be most familiar to the ‘boomer’, generation, the band asserts that “for the younger audience members, it’s an opportunity to discover this great era of unforgettable music.”
“Our Tribute Show teleports the audience back into the ‘60s,” states Cottrell. “Our repertoire is a wonderful blend of various, diverse genres – which truly reflects the era. It brings together many eclectic tastes!”
Most of the featured “Legendary Ladies” were in the prime of their careers during the 1960s, and according to Cottrell, “their music reflects a purer, more innocent time. It’s emotional music that ranges from ecstatic highs to breaking heartache.” Cottrell’s repertoire will include hits sung by and in the style of Brenda Lee, Lesley Gore, Connie Francis, Loretta Lynn, Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark, and LuLu, as well as featuring Cottrell’s signature take on the legendary Patsy Cline.
“Why do we do it?” Cottrell says, “It’s magical music…if we can take you back in time – we were successful!” And for that, she is described as “leaving her heart on the stage during every performance.”
Brenda Lee and her husband Brian (business manager and producer) also tour throughout the provinces with her ‘One Woman Tribute Show’. “Our show is always very well received,” says Cottrell. “We have performed across Saskatchewan and Alberta and look forward to continuing to widen our audience base in various venues across Manitoba. We are very excited to be performing our show in Manitoba for the first time at the Manitou Opera House.”
Cottrell performs as a solo artist as well as with her band, the Legends. Members of the Legends are: Brian Davis – lead guitar and backup vocals; Ron Pettigrew – bass guitar and backup vocals; Otis Young – keyboard; Don Young – drums and backup vocals. More information about the band can be found on their website –
Reserved seating tickets for the show are available by calling or texting 204.242.4287.