Agassiz Medical Centre welcomes new pediatrician

The Agassiz Medical Centre Community Board presented Dr. Narges Afshar (centre left) with a moving allowance on April 2. (LAUREN MACGILL, Morden Times)

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Morden is up one physician after the Agassiz Medical Centre hired a new pediatrician to join the clinic.

Dr. Narges Afshar has been working at the clinic since February and is already settling into the position.

Afshar and her husband are from Iran, and moved to Canada 10 years ago. She completed her pediatric residency in Iran, and when she moved to Canada she had to take her Canadian medical exams to practice here.

“My girl at that time was a toddler, a 21-month-old, so everything was so difficult,” she said.

When Afshar finished her exams, she started working in research in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 15 months. From there she got a position in Winnipeg as a Neonatology fellow and then as Medical Officer.

When Afshar saw the job posting in Morden, she applied. “My husband and I visited here a few times and we felt that the community was so welcoming,” she said. “I felt that it’s a very safe area. I was looking not just for myself to have a good job, I was looking for my family to be happy here as well.”

“I felt that people here are so welcoming and the community was so good,” she added. “And the education system, I was looking at schools as well.”

Afshar and her husband were looking for places in the area and found a home in Winkler.

Afshar said she is pleased to be filling the need for pediatricians in the area.

“I didn’t want to lose my skills in pediatrics,” she said. “Over the last two months that I’m working here, I felt that they definitely need a pediatrician with a skill in neonatology in Boundary Trails.”

Afshar said she has already helped stabilize two neonates that had to be transferred to NICU in Winnipeg.

“I really feel so thankful to have this skill of stabilizing newborn babies,” she said. “Everyone was so happy as well. The weather that day was so bad, for the neonatal team it took eight hours to get here.”

The Agassiz Medical Centre Community Board presented Afshar with a moving allowance on April 2 at Agassiz Medical Centre. The Community Board offers a moving allowance to physicians when they come to Morden to help cover some moving expenses, which is one method the Community Board uses to support recruitment.